hello there dearies,

chilling right now really and watching tv.my roommate went out on friday with her mom  for her birthday.her birthday is on the 30th of this month and of cousre my boyfriend had two clients that day too which is good.


Im a bit obsessed with the paranormal. I was watching ghost stories  on the travel channel waiting on to watch ghost adventures which i didnt get to see at all what so ever. but thats ok though.


but with the paranormal and being obsessed with it at least its not as bad as others being totally obsessed with something thats not all that good for them or causes harm to others.

hopefully next week week we can move two of the biggest items upstairs into my boyfriends and my bedroom and our roommate’s bedroom which is gonna be a bitch and half to get up  the stairs with how big and bulky the two items are.it needs to be done anyways really


brightest blessings