chilling and watching tv

hello again everyone,


Just chilling its been well over two weeks now in the new place all my stuff has been moved in but my boyfriend hs been laging on getting the rest of his and our roommates things, I really wish he would get his butt in gear and get the rest of it.


ahh lazyiness ensures  yeah i know its only been about two weeks since we moved in but our roommate really needs her things as much as he does  and his mom is getting a little pissy about it and i really dont blame her at all because  she wants their things out so yeah.
I havent been keeping up on youtube videos these paast two weeks either or made any as of yet knowing me i may make one as soon as i get up in the am tomorrow.But im not for sure if i will make one it may all depend on how im feeling and all Ive been really tried the past two weeks which is weird even for me really.


It kind of sucks really with how tried i have been lately but its ok really.I still need to fix up my boyfriends and mine room and really start to put things away and such but its slow going really.

I really do like it  here. Im happaayer it seems. im not as stressed out or  blahish anymore so its all good lol



brightest blessings






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