fully moved in (almost)

Hello there


theoinkwitch here again with internet for all good things that are weby and online. Finally in the town home with internet and satellite tv watching haunted highway on syfy. Mainly chilling with my boyfriend and our roommate.


Right now im just wondering what to have for a late lunch. May either get some ceral or some mini ravoil to eat but idk yet lol. yeah im  bit of a dork. But anyways we got the satellie tv and our new couch on friday the 13th of last week so pretty happy about that so we now have  a place to sit and something to watch. And of cousre the wireless router thingie for wifi in the town home  so we are set up for that which was set up yesterday (wifi).


since we singed the lease on the 9th of this month i have been swiming the pool that is very close to  our town home 3 days the week we singed the lease and this past weekend and yesterday its within walking distance of the town home. which is cool to me that is :-).


Hopefully things  will go will the next few months fingers crossed. Yeah im really happy too. I think i said that before lolol



Bright blessings









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