The living dream

Hello again dearies

Yep back again for another post and as the title sugests. Well you will get my meaning behinde in a few seconds.

My boyfriend just left to go get the boxes from his preants house so I or he and I can pack up everything I have here in the apartment on gerlaugh so it can be moved into the town home on Wednesday.

This almost feels like I’m in a dream like state but its really real. We will have a place to call our own , to call a home, to make it our own. I will be able to have an alter again for once and not have to worry about it getting jacked up or dismantled by someone who doesn’t understand what its like to be a wiccan(I don’t mean my mom cause she would never do that to me but I do mean my closed minded grandmother I love her but she bhas no respect for others and their feelings and because of her I have very little to no respect for her and some of my family I hate to say that because they do care but they have really messed up ways of showing it to me because I do rhink very differently from them).

It feels so weird now that my boyfriend,myself and our friend kitty well have a place where we can fully be ourselves free from judement, and redacial from others of our families, I guess the ones that love us the most hurts us the most.

It feels so real but surreal at the same time its odd its within our reach now. And this is something that my boyfriend and I have been waiting for about 2 and half yrs now its finally becomeing a reality for the both of us.

Its almost ha4rd not to imangine that its only a few hours away that we will be siging that lease and getting the keys to the town home tomorrow and we will have our home where we make the rules to our lives instead of living by someone elses and feeling like that we can’t be ourselves.

Is this what it feels like to have a place to call your own, to call it home and be home? I would sure hope so. My hope is that every6thing will go swimingly tomorrow and smoothly without any hicups.

Brightest blessings


In perfect trust and in perfect love



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