Hello there dearies , ❤


Chilling today a little bit today working on some wiccan stuff for the house blessing tomorrow when we sign the lease. Its a little crazy right now  just a touch for me today.


It feels like my mind is gonig a mile a minute  with all these ideas for a house blessing ritual and all and how i want to put the alter up  thats we are gonna have once we move in and everything is chilled.


it may be about a month or two before that goes to happen but thats ok tho just gives us some time to get the things we need to do it. Plus also today im getting little things together for the house blessing and looking things up for it too. so yeah im multi-tasking times a million today lol. Even tho Im still a touch sickie and want to take a nap right now so badly.


But im forcing myself to stay awake for the time being until I cant keep my eyes open  no more even if its when i got to bed tonight or within the next few hours  from now.


I know i shoudnt be forcing myself to stay awake  but i got alot today tho lol theres an excuse for ya huh lol. But yeah i hope things will go well tomorrow i must be going now i have a small alter cloth to finish for tomorrow i hope i can get it done before 2 pm tomorrow


here’s to hopeing. I hope you all have a good night and an awesome day tomorrow i know i will


Brightest blessings