Hello there my dearies

Sorry I haven’t posted anything new as of yet I’ve been very very busy and sick.

I got sick some time last weekend at the very tail end of june and its been about a week well it has been a week and it wasn’t until late Thursday I was feeling well enough to be out and about.

Well this weekend is almost over and this is the last weekend I will be living in dayton believe it or not I will be moving to fairborn next week.

My boyfriend, our friend kitty and I sign the lease for our new town home in fairborn on Monday the 9th and will start moving our stuff on the 11th but we will be moving a lot of the littler stuff in on Monday cause of cousre we will have the keys that day which is very awesome.

We went out on Friday and picked out our couch that comes with an otman (which was incudled in the price of the couch very cool) plus we also got a big swivl chair that will fit me, my boyfriend, and our friend comfy like which is kind of cool and it will be delivered on……Friday the 13th which the coolest ever ( yes I am obbsed with Friday the 13th not because of the movies that bear the Friday the 13th title but my favorite number is 13 and my other favorite number is 6 yeah I’m a little bit weird)

But anyways on Monday we will take a look at the town home once we get the keys and I will or we will be smdging the town home I have a fairly bit smudging stick of sage


As showen in the photo in this post that’s how big that thing is and I. Got for about 6 bucks at the 2ed street markert which isn’t that far from where I’m at now but I’m not gonna be here for that much longer for like I said will be moving next week

I hope everything goes well with the move. Now for a different topic it has been unbareablely hot the past two and half weeks today its a 102. And that’s just today. It feels like its WAY hotter then that shit. Being sick and it being that hot makes you feel like you are dieing from the heat

Yeah its been that bad and that hot lol

Brighest blessings