hello there dearies,

Since my last post which was on the 18th, which was like 8  and a half days ago lol, alot has been going on around me lately, so i have been a little busy so yeah. This past weekend i had lots of fun i went swimming which i haven’t done in little over a year or less, went on mu frist paranormal investigation with my friend kitty ( more on that in a little bit lol) and went to a wiccan sabbet  on sunday.

Well call me weird but even though i am into the paranormal big time, i have never done an official investigation but i did on Saturday with my friend kitty. Yeah  i have done something with the paranormal before this past weekend but one of those few times wasnt really proper and was after hours that this place closed ( which the place closed at eight pm and was a graveyard heehee hope i didnt give myself away there lol) but the witches tower in the  hills and dales mertopark was the first one where i had not only my digital pink cam but my ipod as well so i could take video.

it was kind of inserting to do this. and since from watch alot of paranormal type shows and learning from them i kind of kind my own thing with what i learned and just went with it. i had fun doing it and it was during the day so not much happened really just a few touches and cold chills  really.

yeah this post is gonna be rather short and not like my other posts in the past, so yeah  im sorry about that  but yeah. tomorrow i will be going to a plasma donation place to donate as you all well know. But im a little scared because i really dislike needles they creep me out a little bit  so i have like two more waters to drink and try to feed a little something to eat before going .

It will be my first time going so im little apprehensive about going but my boyfriend will be takeing me to the plasma place at 8 am tommorrow and i need to get some sleep and im not even sleepy right now which is a little odd for me because i almost always get sleepy about this time (which is 11:41 pm ohio time and its almost midnight here).

So yeah its almost midnight and im not even sleepy i normally get sleepy about this time if not a little sooner so  idk what im gonna do if i cant get to sleep soon lol yeah im  a little bit of  dork but im wide awake right now i my go to bed after i post this  so yeah

I will do a post tomorrow after i donate tomorrow of how my visit went so you all will know i just didnt just fall off the face of the earth and its a good thing i have an alram set and stuff  like that i will talk to you all tomorrow have a blessed night and wednesday morning 🙂

Brightest blessings