Hello there dearies,


Well Well Well its Monday again and a start of new work week for everyone. I had tons of fun on my birthday on Friday this past week. I did nothing  but chill and listen to good tunes this past weekend and of course wished my dad a happy fathers day yesterday. Whom i dont get to see very often because he is always on the road because he is a truck driver.


I loved being able to be with my boyfriend and our friend on my birthday and i really did have fun on my birthday, yeah i know i already said that lol but anyways  today was fun as well mom and i went to riverscape and played in the water fountian there.


well the date that i move has been pushed back because of funds  we need to make sure we have enough funds to not only pay rent but to turn on the dp and l plus vetrcain and the uhaul and stuff like that.


So instead of moving in on the 30th of this month it will be more like between the 9th and 11th of july so bout 3 or less weeks left before we fully move so i really happy about that but i really would like to move in now if it was possible.Yeah im a little bit of a dork but really its kind of tough but kind of fun really.


the watting will make the townhome all that much more like a home i guess if you guys get what i mean but anyways. Im really looking forward to that next month i just hope i can get all the boxes i need to pack and ready to go before then so Im not rushing and stressing and forgetting stuff like that  cause my boyfriend wants to have all my stuff  ready and there at the town home first so we are gonna be coming where im at now first on the move in day.



I really dont see how thats gonna be easy coming to the apartment  first i have more stuff then my boyfriend and our friend has put together i think it would be easyer to go to where they are at first then take their stuff to the town home first then get all my stuff but thats just me though




well i will talk you all later have a good work week and a good monday night





Brightest blessings