Hello there dearies

Sorry i Havet posted  anything since may 18 th life got in the way of course like it always does i’ve made a very new videos  for youtube since that time ad life has been going fairly good for me right now.

My Birthday is on the 15th of this week i have gotten four of my birthday gifts three of them were books two by one of my fave writers and the other by the one and only zak bagans (im curretly reading that book right now and its about the paranormal is book is called “dark world” and i have been wanting it since it came out just last year and yeah im a little bit of a dork since i go though books like wildfire) and i also got a t-shrit that “show me your orbs” On it and it also says underneath the show me part it says ghost adventures travel channel since the show is on travel channel.


i nearly geeked when i saw the book and t-shirt  well i did geek i geeked all over the place. yeah im a dork and i am addict to ghost adventures  and the paranormal which is nothing new for me anyways. my last gift came in today it was shipped to my boyfriends mom and dad’s place since we are not living together yet and i dont know what it is as of yet but i bet its really cool or cute.


Now that brings me to my biggest news of the night that im shareing with you guys and  gals from all over this great world of ours 🙂  well let me start off by saying that my boyfriend ,myself and a friend of ours put in apps in at an apartment place last week on friday and  we had to wait  over the weekendfor the stuff like the background checks and the other stuff that these places have to do to make things are all cool and smoothed over and making sure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed before considering someone to live there all that good stuff before we could know if we got in or not. Well the lady we talked to on that friday had called my boyfriend on monday of this week saying we are approved to move in. YAY for us right our old move in date was for the 30th and it got moved to the nineth of next month so we can have the frist month rent ready and be able to have like a moving van money ready also too.


So right now im on like cloud 20 if there is such a thing with the news of being appvored for the townhome we will be moving into in on july 9th and the three books and the tshirt and plus the unknown gift im like i said super happy. I feel good about my life and where its going now.


Its like a dream come true for me. my boyfriend and i have been talking about moving in together for the past year-year and half now ( we have known each other for five years and been dating for about 3 to  4 1/2 years now  so yeah thats a long time to me  yes im a bit weird but who isnt really now-a-days anyway).


So yeah this biwi is feeling great and feeling way awesome now even tho i do feel a bit of guilt for not posting for almost close to a month now lol but anyways thats whats going on in my life thus far. My post may become few and far between in the coming weeks  because i will be getting ready to move and of cousre i wont have internet at the new place turned on yet since the move in date is on july 9th and it may be a month or two before it gets turned on and all. so yeah and knowing me i will be writing down posts to be put up when the internet does get turned  but until then i will be posting when i can. i may have to download the wordpress app on to my phone sometime tonight  so i can post on the go so i wont miss a day and so you guys wont miss any new randomness from me either 🙂


hope you guys and gals have a great night and a great thursday



brightest blessings