starnge colors

hey guys and gals,

What makes you different from others? what makes you you? is it the clothes you wear? is it the manners you use? is the friends you keep? the books you read ? or is it  the muisc you listen to?

I think its a combo of things like how we were raised our likes and dislikes and other things that make up who we are as people. Because if we were alike life would get boring after awhile being alike may work for some people but it may not work for othera and life would be a bit bull if the whole world was alike without differences to make everyone  unique.


Personally i would rather be different then be something that i am not. I think that life is to short to care what others think of you or let things that others dont like tht you like stop you from being you. what fun would that be if everyone was the same and you couldnt tell someone  from someone else?
You should make your life yours and not anyone else’s you have every right to be you and not be walked all over like you are some sort of door mat for the wrong people. everyone has the right to be awesome in their own way and be real and to be real to themsevles and not  be something fake for someone else


but thats just life right tomorrow is always a new day and tomorrow always offers up some new choices to better ourselves as people .



Brightest blessings







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