Big hey theres and hellos to  you all

Well  on wednesday i coloered my hair Im no longer blonde lol I was getting sick of seeing the blonde lol now my hair is like a reddish purple aburn color it turned out more like a dark red purple more purple then red really lol. I guess i needed the change in color i felt off some how with being  blonde.

A few days ago I watched an episode of legned quest the frist half of the episode really didnt interest me all that much really but it was the 2ed half that drew my eye maybe it was because of how much i love the arthur legends and maybe its was because the 2ed half of the episode was about King arthur enchanter friend merlin and his 13  treasures ( if you want to watch that episode its on hulu and its episode five of legend quest).

I have more questions then i do answers  and more then ever i am left questioning myself with the wanting to know more about the enchanter himself and all the reasons why his real tomb cant be found and why something would kill him so sundely

i have so many questions and  no anwesrs to those questions.  My boyfriend asked me why i need the answers to my questions revoling around merlin answered and why was i looking for them and why do i need  to go there where the would be / could be place of merlins tomb and where camelot might have once stood all those years ago.

I told him that i didnt know why that i need to know its just there. And after all these years of hearing the legends of King arther and merlin the enchanter learning the answers to the questions that i have and going there and seeing it for myself makes it all the more real to me and after all these years of believing in both of them and believing that they both are real and that the sowrd that helped aruther rule in peace is really real  drives it home that the legneds arent just legneds but the truth that they were real people flesh and blood.

and what one thing my boyfriend doesnt know is that im being pulled there i feel that dull tuging at my heart and soul that i need to go there and that it has something to fully to with me that i might find something that realtes to me some how deep within myself. just knowing that they might have been that they were real makes the need to go there more real to me

my main question is why am i being pulled to go there and why do i feel the pull so much so i feel it within my very soul its like i dont feel like im complte until i know the answers to my questions that i have

Brightest blessings