Hello all back again

I’ve noticed from my own experience and by watching other people blast good people for no good reason I find it not only stupid but disrespectfully annoying ot boot.


I’ve had a few people troll me on  a couple of sites but its not as bad as one of my youtuber/facebook friends who get it more then what i do. And i thought when i got trolled it was bad but my friend gets it twice as bad as i did which sucks because i think she is an awesome youtuber and i don see why she gets trolled as much as she does.

lately  she has been getting alot of nasty comments on some of her videos I would gladly take her place if i could. As i think about it  the only reason she gets trolled as much as she does is because she is different much like my self since i dye my hair different colors and i am gothic like she is and it sucks that she gets trolled like she does and its very disrespectfull of the people who troll her just because she is different.


I love her videos and think she as an awesome person i just wish people wouldnt troll her because of her differences. I know how she feels  though cause i get stared at and trolled for the same reason as her but when it happens to me its for not only one thing for for a few things


I just the people who troll would learn that even tho those peole got trolled they dont need to do it to others and if they didnt get trolled and are just trolling other people because they are /feel threatened by different people and are very jealous of the people they are trolling. I really wish thos trolling people would really grow up and be an adult about their life and how they treat others.

Noone likes to be made fun of or made to feel like they are an outcast trust me it doesnt feel good  to feel like that and madeto feel like you are an outcast I myself has been made to feel like that by other pepole its no fun when you have little to no friends because of it and it does get a bit lonley after awhile  and you get sad and it gets to the point where you dont feel like you want to carry on with your life. Ive been there andi almost  came close to well you may know where im going with that  tho. No matter how much i had to admit this one part  about that time that i had to deal with it and coming oh so close to wanting to kill myself ( which I hate to admit to it but i was there at one time in my life) it sucks to get that close to it so you dont have to feel no more let alone deal with the pain of being lonely

The real truth is no matter how alone you feel you are never truly alone because there are people who understand that feeling and understand how alone and useless you feel  its hard to see that but you will always have a friend when you really need one.





Brightest blessings to you all.




the pink witch