is youtube and its youtubers really suffering?

hello my awesome bloggers on wordpress,


Is youtube and its users really suffering from the lost of views and subbcibers because of the new layout  that youtube has already put into effect for its site?

that i dont know I haven’t really notcied a change in my views or subs as of the new change on youtube with its new layout but i have been a youtube user  for two years now


Both of my channels are still getting the same views as before and now after the new youtube layout has been put into effect on the site thats just me though but there are few youtubers that maybe  suffering from the new layout on the site and those youtubers are:

1) whatthebuck (im not a subsciber of his tho so idk if he is really suffering from the change)

2) joenationtv (i am a subsciber to him and i havent seen any new videos from him for awhile now since  he lost his dog poor dear i feel bad that he lost his really cute dog really sucks)

3)cyr1216 ( also a subber of his he sitll has the same veiws as ever from what i can tell)

4)swiftkaratechop (shurgs) ( not a subber of his or at least i dont think i am  i am. I subb so meany people i dont reamber who i am sub to  anymore )

5) shanedawsontv ( i didnt even know he was loseing views and subs if he is he really isn suffering that much because he is still very poplaur on youtube)

6) onision/greg (well he has been losing and gaing views and subs for as long as i can remember since i started watching his videos and sub to him)

7) olgakay ( she is up there with shane and greg  she is just awesome)

8)blackboxtv ( also didnt know they where losing views either much like shane they are up there )


So yeah so thosue are the 8 youtube user that seem to be suffering from the new layput change  I dont see how they all are pretty poplaur on youtbe and  i just think that is because the new users of youtube know how to navigate the new layout but the older user much like myself and the 8 i just talked about know youtube pretty well to make this work to our advatuge but idk tho they are all pretty awesome to me. I sub to five out of the 8 so  yeah those five youtubers arent gonna lose me ad a fan





Brightest blessings






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