hello all


well its the month of may and summer is getting ever closer for us here in ohio. My brith month is getting ever closer and i will be 26 it doesn’t feel that way and i have nothing to so for my life thus far and its very annoying for me

I dont know it just seems like everyone around me has something going on and im stuck here with no job, no car, and no money. I have nothing but time and my paranormal type gift of seeing spirits keeps on growing the more i sense and the more i see the more i seem to be removed from the living world.

Ive been told a few yrs ago that i must be silent about the fact that i can see  such things and that i m a witch because it frightens people. I dislike this fact and i dislike that i must remain silent about parts of myself that make me who i am.

im caught between a rock,a hard place,the people who are frightened by wht i can do and see,the desicon to stay quiet and the half made choice not to be silent no longer

Despite both facts and both being a part of who i am as a person in this very mondern day world I already stand-out already with my shock-white blodne with bits of orange hair. people already stare at me becuase of that and because i am a fluffy woman that has a skinny boyfriend. But in this world today my weird hair and my gift of sight and witchy ways makes me a fluffy target in a sense of the word.