Hey dearies,


Hello there dearies busting at the fliping seams here. Well yesterday my phone a sidekick  kicked the bukcet lol smartphone humor  for ya lol. But anyways they  were told yesterday about and it was a smartphone fuck up on the phone’s end  since it wont take a charge at all what soever  im a touch pissed they told my boyfriend yesterday that it was gonna be shipped out im assume last night from what my boyfriend told me and that it would be here today  well its not here and i am without a phone grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


other then that i am doing ok really despite the title lol. Chilling i cleaned and did two drawings today as well. Right now im just a little bored and listening to music  may do up some clothes here in a little bit  just to keep myself busy and stuff like.


Well there is one thing that is bugging me a little bit right now as well  its i guess something that all witches sometimes face once or more in their lives at one time or another.I have faced it renctly  and it seems like no matter how i word it to this person they still seem to think this of witchcraft/wicca/paganism. They think that its a tool of satan/devil and that its evil. i have said it may ways and in different ways  but all nicely. And they think I understand where they are coming from….. I dont really understand .  i see it like this  there is no such thing as hell and no such thing as the devil  or whatever the freak they want to call him and witchcraft,wiccan and pagaism as evil  and this person goes to say that these reglions and other ones are satan/ devil’s way of misleading us from god.


Normally after someone  saying that i would be like “oh hell no you did not just go there” in my head and i would be pissed to the point where i would be makeing a video saying how i felt and what i think of their so called beliefs and yeah that would be going of the deep end and pissing off these people  till the end of the world. this goes to show myself and others that i am growing as a person because i didnt even do that and i didnt even start cussing them out or bad mouthing their faith of choice. Cause i have a few friends of that one person’s faith on youtube(the video i watched that i commented on that this reffers too is about some guy useing the ojia borad and saying he got pulled into satanism or whatever its called and he just pulled witchcraft into the mix (rolls eyes) i think the dude in the video had no clue what he really was dealing with in the frist place.) So i didnt go off on these person like i would normally would have being the proud witch that i am i guess i kind of in a way killed this person with kindness  and i dont know if this person is assmueing that i am “lost” and that I have “lost my way” which i havent i got away from that faith because there are to many things that didnt fit and didnt make sense to me at all and it feel fully  right to me in the frist place.

So yeah  What i really wanted to tell this person “well what about all the tradtions your faith stole from us and what all about the people who died and still are dieing becausle of your blind faith and ignorance ? some of those people weren’t even witches , they didn’t desvre to die they way they died you think pardoning them after the people who killed them made much a difference now that they are dead and buried. And what about the judgement that others of your faith make  when it comes to witches ? Do you think thats really fair to judge us based on an assumption ?……No its not fair  but they still do it. God loves me ? i already know that the lord and lady loves me aand i know the god of your faith loves me for who i am Nor has he judged me for being a witch he as apcceted me for being the person i am and not the person im not thats stuipd to think that he would send to a place that’s not even real. I know im going to the summerlands and not your so called hell. i accpet the resbolity of my chocies and actions you and the people cant even do that some of you would rather blame on your fake deivl and that he made you do . He didnt make you do  you did it of your own free will  nothing evil forced your hand to do it . That was all you and you know it too  but you let nothing but fear rule you. Its called grow the fuck up and get in the here and now and take resonesablity for your own bullshit actions and chocies and dont shove them on a monster thats not even real in the first place. You would know this if you would look things up and stoped living your life with your head shoved up so far your god’s ass” thats what i really wanted to say.


Man i mean. But i admit that i can be. there is still alot of growing that i need to do when it comes to that faith i still have al itte bit of anger towards the idiots who believe half the stuff that they say its jsut that i dont get it i dont understand why they are like that to witches or maybe i do and itas all based on fear and they cant admit to themselves i wish they would grow up and see the truth  and stop living in fear  all the time i dont know i guess i can seeit but they cant see it idk





Brightest blessings,

in perfect trust and in perfect love






have a great weekend you guys