hello there  dearies

back again after of not being on the site for a few weeks been doing a lot of runinng around for my man’s new office.


well well its Thursday one more day and it will be Friday and knowing me with no car and no money and still looking for work as normal things have become well a bit stressing. ideas come to me out of nowhere and to many big dreams that i would LOVE to do  i lack the funds to bring these big dreams into life


i dont want to be all depressing here at least i  have roof over my head food  to eat and the internet to keep me at least somewhat entrained as i look for work online. well i have been l=thinking alot lately as to how i could make at least a little bit of money and save up for the things that i would like to have and my needs too.

one of those things is donating plasma which helps save lives and all the good things it can do and such and the other thing that my man got me to thinking abotu is that i have an eye for haair color  and how i can always make the hair color look brighter then it normally would its like i like to cut hair and everything else that goes with it ( expcet perms i hate them with a passion i dont like doing them and i rather suck at  doing them and the fumes from the perm prodect gets to me and makes for a very unpleasnt time for me and the people around me  ie(the fumes give me a headache that can make me very ill and i get phisccaly sick from it) 😦  you might be wondering why i went to school for doing hair  well its because i am a very creative type person and i like working with my hands  so yeah  thats why and i wanted to do this type of job since the age of four yrs old too so yeah )

those are two things i could do at this point and time idk with the whole color=ing hair thing its like i have an eye for it  and i am really picky about it  and im very creative with it  and i can see so many things that  can be done with color  and how colors mix and match and what looks good for someone’s skin tone and such  but the problem is haveing the money to start it up and its money i dont have  well i guess i just solved my problem by donteing plasma  lol i guess i can kill two brids with one stine as they say  i just fixed  my problem yayayayay lol



yeah guys and gals im a weirdo lol but i dont thinking of this stuff as im typeing or when im trying to friuge out stuff im still learing to  look at all my options and stuff like that and all and plus im a little slow on the friugeing  things out  and stuff  but i make up for it though  lol


i hope you guys and gals  have a good thursday keep on smileing 🙂




brightest blessings