For the love of reading i beg of you

hello dearies,

tis be me again your loveable book loveing, wolf warrior, the pink witch. Well I  found an awesome book app where you can sort  all of your books. its very cool Well at least to me i have already sorted 17 books into the app already some days i think i read to much for just one person but i live my life by a few things books being one of those things i live my life by. The others you may have figured out already by now you all know that my life consets of books,music,wicca,the paranormal, and the online world well  as you all know also by now that im still looking for a job (btw im still looking thats why i waste good huge chunks of my time online im trolling sites in a good way lol. rest of the time  its facebook,youtube, and a couple of other sites that i am visting)


Well since this blog is about books and apps for books  weird huh  the wonderful worlds of books and techie stuff have merged and made this weird world of books and techie type stuff. Now call me weird ( i dont mind  being called weird I freely admit that im weird and i enjoy every mintue of my weirdeo life) I would rather have a real book in my hand then an ipod/ipad/tablet/nook in my hands well  its for the fact that i love the smell of books  the ipod/ipad/tablet/nook and other thingies dont have that wonderful book smell. I guess you can tell i am an avid reader. A few books i have read a few times like the twilight books, the harry potter books, the hobbit (at least five times) , lord of the rings ( all three books at least twice) yes  big time book worm lol

I dont know what is about books they help me out alot  and thats where during my younger yrs i would hide. I saw them as my friends i still do to this day.Yes i had and have friends and a boyfriend  but i still do sometimes hide in a good book and some days thats what i need to do and the same goes with music. though with music you cant hide in it well in a way you kind of can and in a way both books and muisc are a mask of sorts  for me but some days in a good way and other ways not so good either .


Books are just awesome though 🙂




brightest blessings





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