paranormal :facted or faked

Hello there dearies,

I have always wondered as to why there are people who say that some of these paranormal shows are faked and makes me wonder if these people are playing faves with these shows and that some of the fans of each show that say this about the others are just playing stupid games with the other fans  just to cause drama and start a fight with the other fans of each show. I dont get it really.


I myself dont think that any of the shows are faked at all what so ever. I dont know. Is it because i tend to pay to much attention to the shows and to me as i have said before in anothe blog that i can see ghosts, I dont know what these people deals are by saying what show is or isnt fake. And if you dont like the show then dont go around saying “oh its fake” that may not even be the case for some shows really


I dont know really, Since the paranormal has been a part of my life since a young age and i have the abilty to tell whats fake or not  i see the shows a bit differently. Yeah there are people who say that ghost adevtures is faked, that paranormal state,ghost hunters and ghi are all faked too  and yeah well i may have a slight crush of ryan buell from prs and zak bagans from ghost adventures and have  nothing but respect for the ghost hunters and ghi teams  but that doesnt cloud my veison when watching these shows.


When i watch them i dont go in watching as a fan just because i think so and so is hot without a shirt on (but I do admit that episode where zak took his shirt was rather yummy and he does look good without a shirt on but thats besides the point of this blog). I watch the shows to learn , to learn about the different locals and the different tools that are used. Each show and team approaches  the paranormal differently and thats what get s me to watch the shows.


I guess since how i watch the shows and me wanting to become a paranormal investgatior makes so im objective when i watch the shows and it makes it easyer for me since i am able to see spirits/ghosts its different for me and some of the tools that gac uses omg they look so fliping cool as hell ! i know i cant wait to get my hands on some of that stuff and play with it lol


i guess im a dork lol


Brightest blessings





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