i wear wolfshades

hello there dearies,


Call me weird but……..Well lets face it we are all weird in some shape or form me more then most people.  As i consider  my self an animal lover some i would lay my life down on the line for as if they  were my own children (though i have none right now in my life) But one group of animal i would lay my life down  for and will fight for till my last day here on this earth  it would be the wolf. I think i have stated before in a blog or two before hand that the wolf is my spirit animal and totem if i haven’t well there you go i just said it. As i was saying that they are my spirit animal and my totem. if i had to forfeit my life for anything else besides  for the ones i love in this lifetime it  would be the wolves.


There have been to many killings of these animals going on alot lately and its really starting to get to me it has bugged me alot in the past whenever a wolf would be killed over something that was just dumb on the person who did the killing. Its like im sorry I dont give a damn about your goddamn cattle  that just got killed by a wolf but you had no real right to kill that wolf. If the wolf was rapid then yeah i would understand but killing it just because it was hungry  and it went after a damn cow  then no I dont feel sorry for the asshole who lost the damn cow i dont need that cow  right now the wolf/wolves need it more then what we humans do  at this point in time im not going hungry right now but that wolf and its pack is.


Its like i dont feel bad if its a cow or some other four legged creature that loses its life thats just how the food chain and the wheel of life works. If it was a kid i would understand but wolves tend to stay the fuck away from humans. Wolves distrust humans when they are in the wild any normal human without a Ph.D could tell you that just by reading stuff about wolves.


I guess im a mean bitch at times when it comes to wolves.  Since  with me  and how i am when it comes to the wolf i get really pissed off and down right bitchy and evil and it makes me want to trun around and teach the people who hurt the wolves on purpose a real lesson in pain and hatred.


I Guess im a weirdo and way out there in right field or left field but its just i see the wolf as a friend and not an enemy that most people think that it should be or the monster that some people think that the wolf is it has feelings and emotions too just like everyone on this planet i don’t understand why some people cant see that


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