Hello there again all you awesome bloggers in wordpress land,


Well life is playing nice with me so far today. For reasons unknown to me now I would like to let go of my past pains and all the things that i have been holding on to all these years and some of the old dreams that i have been holding on too for a very long time that i know that may not happen for me now and a few things that i was told that i could and would never make it in let alone do with my life

1) a lie was told to me when i was still in high school that i could never be able to do hair or be able to go through the schooling for it well guess what i did go and i did make it thourgh two yrs of schooling for it but i still need to pass my state broads this is for those  idiots who told me from day one i couldn’t do it back in high school well i got one more step and im ready for the world

2) the lie that i keep telling myself that almost everyone is the same as the people who judged me back in my pre teens and teens  well its not true it was never true all those yrs i thought it was yes there are still those very few who still act like that (yes i do it too sometimes myself ) but there are better people out there that are and always will be there for you and forgive you for your shortcomings no matter what they are

3) the times i told myself the lie that i would never be loved for who i am and whom i want to become and the change  that allows this to happen on the road to the really real me well that lie truned out to be the biggest lie that i have ever told myself in all my yrs of life on this earth ( i am loved by my boyfriend and the few friends i do have  and the leassons that they have to teach me and the elp they give me to make the change and the tools to make that change within myself thank you guys for all you do for me and  for all the times that when i needed a shoulder or an ear it means everything to me and you guys are the best ever to have the ablity to out with all my shit,pitfalls, plus the bad times i go through and being there for all the good times and the memories that were  made along the way )


4) all the lies tat were told to us from a young age about the world  and the truths out there about alot of things that are covered up with the lies and the realization of the fact that ghosts,fairies,dragons and other things are very real and no one can really say other wise when you have seen it with your own eyes no one can take that away from you and if they laugh at you when you believe in it all  then fuck them for being so blind to the reality of it  they have all closed themselves of to the real magic of the discover and the magic it can bring by lighten up your life with real smiles and all the good and bad that goes with the real pain and the real tears and the real joy of knowing the truth can bring into your life once you find that truth with in you and everything else around you then you are really free.


5) all the crap and lies we women have to swallow from air brushed perfect models (men have it too just women deal with more) and the bullshit that some of these mags sell  Do not listen to it  there are ways to be healthy and happy and being you. Thats what it comes down too Making yourself happy and being happy with who you are as a person dont be mislead by the misconception of what the mags think what real men want in their women. If a guy doesn’t like you for you as a person and as a whole then they are not worthy of our time and effort and if they dont like it then well tough shit its their lost not ours .

6) the taunts and the bulling  that we all got as kids its pure bullshit and kids are kids but now a days kids dont know when to stop with the taunts and pushing other kids that are getting taunted to death that could have been one of us  its time we stand up for these kids some of them are to scared to stand up for themselves we must help them find their voice. being judge doesnt feel good it sucks really big balls


there is more lies that we need to let go of to free up some space in our lives to fully grow as people and i think its about damn time we let them go i have let go of a few of mine  letting go of the pain can be the biggest blessing we can give to ourselves dont be afaird to do it



brightest blessings