hey you wickedly cool WordPress bloggers,


there is good news and bad news for today.


The good news im in a better mood today. yayay for that but its time in insert our sad faces on this but here is the bad news: my man is now two hours late. he said that he would be here about 12 noon and 1 pm well its past both times he said he may be here and its now 2:06 pm here in ohio and i am getting annoyed with him.


Now it takes alot to piss me off. Being late when you said the time you where gonna be there really bugs me. He had a message today though it could have ran over but two hours though. Or he still asleep which would make me even madder if he lied to me about a meassege part of today. I do love him dearly, but he is making himself out to be the biggest liar in my eyes. i dont want to assume the worse  cause that would make me look the fool. I might already making myself look the fool anyway. Maybe he will get here soon  or he will have one pissed off girlfriend on his hands will have to make it up to me later on in the week  (like as in tomorrow on our anniversy  it doesnt bode well to piss me off and like i said it takes alot to piss me off)



Idk what his deal is right now this may be the only post i make about my boyfriend  and him being really fliping late  i do love him and i hope nothing bad has happened to him.



brightest blessings


in perfect love and in perfect trust