Hello there all my wickedly cool bloggers,



Well how has life been treating you all lately?  Right now I feel like the forgotten child of the gods and goddess, and I feel like I’m standing still while the world around me is moving at a super sonic rate. So many thoughts going on inside my head and so many things I have no clue what I’m doing or what things that i need to change about myself like i said a stand still.


I feel slower then ever and it feels like I’m playing catch up even on the smallest and simplest things. Its like i feel fine but i dont feel fine all at the same time and sometimes i feel like i dont even exist but i do exist, But at times when im really silent get noticed more like something is wrong when im just be silent for no real reason. Its like what im not allowed to be quiet when something is not wrong and i get questioned if im alright.

Sometimes i feel like saying “cant i be quiet and watch the world thats outside the window without being questioned if im feeling ok? Im just watch the world and thinking how wonderus the night is. Cant i enjoy that without people think i have a problem or something is bugging ?”.


Yeah im a little off  you know or at least you know by now that i am but in some ways its good and in some ways its bad but i am work on the bad things in my life that need changing. I guess why i feel like im in a stand still  is that im changing myself in ways i do not yet know  it feels good though.



Brightest  blessings

in perfect love and perfect trust