Hello all

Yes I know its been awhile since my last post I can’t even remeber when I last posted anything really.

Life has been random for me. Its finally march abd its also the day before the spring eqinox. Its been quite lovely here the past few days in dayton warm weather and sunny days which I’m fairly giddy over even though the weather people have been calling for thunder stroms we have had bits of thunder and lighting but no rain.

Much like tonight even though it is 12 am here right now had the thunder, had the lighting but alas no heavey rain that comes with it I am disapointed about that but I am happy for the warm and sunny days that have come.

Guess I’m weird like that I get depressed when its cold out and snowing that’s all utter yuck to me I like the sun and the warmth from it and then it will get warm enough for the pools to opem and you know what that means …..SWIMING! Yeah I’m like the biggest dork out there when it comes to that but I love the water

Nothing really new here to report besides the normal update on what’s going on in my life right now

I hope you have a blessed sleep that most of you are haveing right now and for those who are already bright eyed and bushy tailed or just bushy tailed have a blessed work week

Brightest blessings,

In perfect love and in perfect trust