Can’t hold it no more

Hello dearies,

Well had a grand time at club maquse tonight w my friend. My man didn’t join because he was waiting on his boss to call whom never called.

His boss seems cool and all but he keeps dick my man around about getting my man the clients which hid boss has but boss man never calls its like really boss man dude your gonna dick around on this you know how much my boyfriend needs the clients like right now.

Yeah things may come up but damn when you say ur gonna call you better make damn sure you fucking call and stop pussy footing around with this shit it bugd me greatly that this isn’t the only time that the boss man gas done this to my man it like almost the 20th time (its not really but it sure seems that way to me)

And knowing me I’m not gonna be sleepingv anytime soon cause its like almost 2:30 am here in ohio. I love my boyfriend greatly and I really wish his boss would get his shit togther and just call and be like look here is the client list and what you need. And that be it I really wish it was that smiple and easy but alas it is not. Life can be a rightous bitch sometimes but it is still worth living I guess its the small things that count in the long run after all.

I just hope and wish for the best for me and my love. Just wish it was a bit easyer and not pruely and nothing but hurtle after bleeding hurtle well this witch needs her sleep so she will be feeling like the pretty “wolfieheart to her dreagonheart” that she can be ( yes me and my man have cute nicknames for each other he calls me wolfie cause I love wolves and I call him dragon cause he loves dragons)

brightest blessings


In perfect love and in peferct trust

Thepinkwitch (wolfie)


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