Hello dearies

Hello again everyone, I’m not useing the app for wordpess on my phone like I thought I would be I kind of thought I would be useing it more then what I have been I think I have only used it once since dowloading it.

Right now I’m having a bit of a war going on inside myself. I kind of feell loyalties that I have had in the past mean little or next to nothing now between an old friend of mine and my self. Yes I’m bi but I don’t know if I’m still feeling the same feelings I had before that I had for my friend that’s a female.

My boyfriend and I tried to have a threesome with her but it didn’t pan out really because she had to much going on at the time.but now she is happyer then I have ever seen her and much healther now as well. I don’t know if I can see my self with her anymore no more then I can with my other female friend.

So I feel like I’m at a stale mate. I’m starting to feel guilty because of my loyalties to my frist friend. I always held myself to be the loyalest of the loyal but I fear that I need the help of a goddess or two to help me out.

Maybe clearty will come and some sign will be there in my dreams that I may need to see to deal with this and to lay not only my fears but also my guilt to rest

Brightest blessings

In perfect love and in perfect trust