Running down my dreams

Hello again dearies,

What are dreams? What are goals? Both seem to be lacking somewhere in life. I have so meany dreams and goals. Some dreams have gone unfuilled in my life and others are so close to becoming real.

Some goals are laid by the wayside and some dreams weren’t really dreams to begin with in the frist place so they have been turned into something else that would make a better dream for now.

Like a few of my dreams involve becomeing a high pristess and becomeing a paranormal investagtor. Since a good prt of my life revolves around both wicca and the paranormal and since they both been a part of my life since a young age it only seems fitting for me to become those two things and make something with thw life I have in both of them.

It only seems fitting to me really I don’t know

Brightest blessings




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