Hello there dearies,

Ok just fisnhed checking my facebook and omg one star status reads as such “love me.love me”.

Dude really your fans love you, your friends love you,your family loves and your famous girlfriend loves. What more do you want………the world lol….. its like boy I don’t love you I find you and ur music repluisive now ur girlfriend she is awesome you not so much sorry to ur fans but that’s my honset to goddess truth my man says I’m being to judgemental of this young star and his talnt well maybe I am but unlike less then the worlds polace I’m a bit harder core then most.

The music I like doesn’t even get played on the raido because its not mainstream by hells bells hunny I’m not mainstream lol.

This post may sound like I’m bitching but I don’t get what this mainstream popstar wants to be more loved for he has the world in the plam of his hands so I rhink he should be happy that his music is getting airtime like the rest of the stars today.

And even some of this music stars are crossing over into movies ,getting perfume lines,clothing lines,shoe lines, and other crap that’s not even needed to be involved with music. What happened to the days where a popstar got like a carttoon or a comic like new kids on the block or the backstreet boys hmmm what happened to that ?

Or am I just to old to even connect with half these bullshit people who may or may not have half the talnet to even become the best that they could and can that they have to have their paws in a little bit of everything just to make it look like they are a superstar idk

I guess I miss the smiple times where everything was what it seemed I don’t know I guess I’m weird like that idk guess the times have changed and so have I but good times tho that’s what is best

Brightest blessings