Hello my dearies,

Its me again… yeah the starting reads a bit sad don’t it? Well I’m thinking what’s there to be sad about. Lots of things but one thing that has been getting to me a bit right now and I know its none of my concren and I have no real right to comment on it to the two people involed.

Jusst for the mere fact that I don’t know either of them all that well really but I want to say something to both of them but can’t really I myself don’t know the full story between the two of them to make it where I don’t sound like an utter retard or sound like a stupid head either

I’m a viewer of both these people youtube channels and they are acting like fools one merely not taking the high road and not acting like they adult they should be and the other trying to be at least a little bit civil to the other one acting like the biggest baby on the face of the plaent I know why this person is being like that tho its because this person was hurt by the other person I just wish this person would at least be civil and take the biggest chill pill known to the human world.

I don’t know I am very tempted to make two videos addressed to both of them telling then both what I think about it. But I know I would get so much flack from their viewers idk. I guess nothing and hope for the best and worry about my life

Brightest blessings