Lost my way

hello there dearies,


Been thinking alot this past weekend feeling like im a bit lost in the mists of life again. The mists are clearing a bit today as they do each monday about this time. This time i want to throw the mask of for alot of things in my life that seems to hinder me and make me lose a bit of myself to what society deems to be normal.


I have already lost a bit of myself in the process of living in the mundane world i used to live with one foot in the mundane world and one in the spiritual it seems to me that i have lost my footing  again and i am fully living in the mundane realm that seems to  be filled with nothing but hate and people who look down their noses at people who  think along the same lines as i do.  Even now with each word im typeing  i feel a bit freer then normal.


Some days i wish i had wings  so i could fly and lose  the shackles that keep me bound to living and thinking like the mainstream normals do. Im not suicidal nor am i sad. But i like everyone else has one of those days where everyday life becomes to much and you feel like you cant breathe. I had that this past weekend.


i really dont know how to deal fully yet but im learning




brightest blessings





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