Hello Dearies,


Its me again thepinkwitch. Its random titled blog time  :-D.  Well its 10:03 pm here in ohio on a sunday night another work week is coming up on us again (unless your living some place where its already monday Im sorry 😦 it sucks )


Right now nothing much is going on its very boreing here in ohio :-(. Well to most people it may not be  oh so boring but to me it is boring very much, But at least im living in a city and not a little old town. I really do like living in the city it may not be like new york or la but its a city i like. 🙂

I did alot of my growing in the city im living (dayton is where im living i used to live in germantown). Yep where my best friend used to live i used to walk around that area alot when i used to come up on the weekends and hang out with her and everything like that hell me, her and my boyfriend plus sometimes her daughter  and son used to just walk around  and talk about random stuff.

To be honest with you I really do miss doing that alot really. I wish she stilled lived in dayton. So yeah now there isnt much to do up here now besides be online or working or some shit like that.


lol There isnt much to really talk about now either lol besides the fact that i havent made a youtube video for either of my channels i ave been trying to get people to give me  questions on facebook and twitter  so i could do a q&a video but I havent been haveing much luck with that really. Its ok though I may make uo a few questions so i can do one next sunday  so yeah

Cause what i was wanting to do is get a whole bunch of questions  during the week and do a q and a every sunday but I dont think thats gonna  work though :-/ so Idk what im going to do about that. Oh and on that note I made a page for both of my channels last night and i made a website  so i would get more views on both my channels  so lets hope it  works out for me .


Oh another thing i finally got back in touch with my best friend that used to live in dayton and she is doing really well and she wants to hang out  sometime in the coming weeks and like go out and see  a movie and have dinner or do something like you know fun stuff hopfully we can set up a time to do that cause i really do miss her and all and would like to hang out with her more and all that jazz.


Im still trying to come up with more youtube ideas foe videos and other stuff like that  but lol its not really working sometimes  I see a  random article on facebook and ill youtube  about it  and how i feel about it and all so yeah i dont i guess ill just have to take what im given on those random days where i find something that my viewers need to know about or something like that idk

Im rambling right now and not really talking about anything important  or that cool  but hey its me though lol


Ill talk to you guys and gals later when i have more fun stuff to talk about


brighest blessings to you

in perfect love and in perfect trust