Hello Dearies,

I guess I’m one of those people that  who aren’t really afaird to admit that I am something. That’s the main reason for this post i guess.


I’m not afaird to admit that i am a twihard this is me. Its a part of who i am as a person. There alot of people who are still going on about how vampires should’nt sparkle its like hey guess what if you have  such a problem with it then dont watch twilight its that simple.

I really dont care really  I like the movies alot and I dont really see a big deal about it. I see it as the vampire gerne  is growing and reaching  a younger gen of people the ones that keep going  on about how the vampires  dont sparkle  its like come on here people  we are the generation that grew up on non glitery vampires but guess what its our kids or  grand-kids that are into twilight( so am i but I also see why the writer of twilight made her vampires all gilterfied)

but I dont know I guess i see things a bit differently then most people. To me a vampire is a vampire sparkle or non sparkle. im still young myself  and I can understand the twilight vampires and of course  the vmpires say from any of anne rice’s books or from lost boys.

And after getting ooked to twilight by a friend of mine i feel like i am a part of the cullen family cause you are there from the start of it all ( and yes i am team edward  no lie about that and i am also team jacob when he is in his wolf form not his human form yeah im really weird like that but hey i love wovles i think they are awesome like that 🙂 yep im a weirdo)



brightest blessingd to you





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