Hello there my dearies,………………………………………………………


Well we are almost down to our last 24 hours till the big day, thats right dearies, Valentine’s day is coming up fast, I’ll tell you what I’m not ready for this shitfest of a corporate holiday.


I still hold true to my own views of this so called “holiday”, Even though  I am in a relationship and its a stable one at that , I don’t really think that v-day should be a legit holiday.

Im not your typical “On love with the idea of love” or the whole ” love is a wondrous and  splendid thing” type of chick. The reality of it is that there is two sides to love and that with love it can be an utter bitch most days  and with love and any real relationship it takes work and it isn’t at all easy.


Now I’m not anti- Valentine’s day just weirded out by the fact that you have to spend sometimes depending on the boyfriend or girlfriend  that a god aweful amont of money is wasted on candies  and other fating substances  that make  real no sense in buying. when the logical  thing is that most couples (like myself) is just happy being with the one you love the most in the world.


Now i don’t mind so much on a really cute stuffed teddy bear or stuffed animal just forget the sweets I don’t need them unless they are jolly ranchers or cherry Twizzlers (those are the best sweets for this sweet. Besides im sweet enough when i wanna be lol). Thats what i think though im not in love with Valentine’s day im in love with the person im dating  and whenever i get to see my love im just happy to be with him and that i get to see him.


We dont need to do something  thats like all out like sweets a dozen flowers a dinner and a moive and a teddy bear or something like that just maybe catch a movie at a danberry doller saver movie place and McDonalds  something simple and not  budget breaking.


I think thats how it should be its the little things that matter in life the little things that couples can do for each everyday, like a simple hug or a kiss or somthing like that  its really that easy to show the one you are with that you really do care and love them and that you are really genuinely happy that they are yours and that you love  and care for them that deeply.


Hell if you are single and have some single friends  get together and have fun on Valentine’s day there is no need to be alone on that kind of holiday  love can be anything that you make it and where you make it too. Thats just how it is in this day in age things have become so fast paced nobody ever slows down and takes time for the little things anymore its go huge or go home why not go big or go home. or go simple or go home or whatever


love is where you make it not how many times you can get laid or how meany slutty guys or girls you sleep with thats not how life rolls.

I guess im weird  and that i maybe out of the times of the world today but thats how i think in our day and age




Brightest blessings



the pinkwich