my wiccan road

hello there all you wickedly cool wordpressers :-),

how has life been treating you thus far?  life has been treating fairly for the most part just chilling out and listening to some tunes like always :-D.


i kind of wish i had something to do like outside of the aparment but its ok though. Well i said i would tell you guys why wicca is such a bi part of my life and who i am as  person so i will tell you like i said i would. 😀 i really hope you are ready for the story:-)


first i would like to say is that i am self taught and a solitary wiccan with a close knit group of wiccan friends and boyfriend  but i didnt always have that when i started out. Tho i am very much a solitary wiccan meaning i practice by  myself. which most wiccans,pagans or witches do but some do belong to  a coven. But starting out i didnt really have the luxery to have a teacher or a group to go too.


I was almost 17 and in my 11th yr in high school when i started looking into wicca. I had a close friend who was into it a little bit but she never really spoke much of it just said the gerenal things like harm none  and other things of that sort so i guess it had a little bit of a foot hold in my life. Then i got my frist wiccan book later on that yr and i started to teach myself.


But before that i didnt really feel like i belonged in anywhere so i became a closeted goth early in my high school career im out of the goth closet now then i really wasnt  that started my freshman yr thats when my normal teenager yrs got turned upside down. I was about 14 and half close to truning 15 about that time.

i went thourgh my baby bat yrs of goth became comfy with that and who i was at the time. Besides that of cousre the paranormal was starting to weave itself into the very artwork of my being and self as the gothic did in the begining of my high school career,(yes this  helps  in the start of my wiccan life).

like i said i got my first book at 17  then my second book that i got was the teen witch book/kit. Then my best witchly friend moved away and i just buried myself more into the craft after that and just kept learning and growing as a person i got more books after i got out of high school

I kept growing as i kept learning becoming the wiccan that sits here now tpeing this right now. Since i had been a solitary for about 6 yrs  during that time a few wiccans that i made friends with online  said i should have been a pristess or high pristess at that point i really didnt have a calling for it then at the 6 yr mark. Then another yr or two rolls by and in 2006 i was about 6 to 7 and half yrs into the craft i met my bestest friend  of all who lived here in dayton in that haunted house i spoke of in a past post.


the day first meet was the first day of we started college and at  one of our breaks  during one of our classes  she came up to me in the break room and said “hello sister witch” i was shocked that she knew that i was a wiccan let alone come up to me cause i had watched her for a few hours while we had class but never went up to her to talk. i was very shy back then and still am to this very day. But that day we became best friends.


I have gone to her old place when she was still living there to like do rituals or just hang out stuff like that i got to know her even better and became a part of her and her kids lives and  be a part of her coven for a little bit before it disbanded when she had to move about 2 yrs ago or less. So Im hopeing that her and i can get back together and start a coven togther or a paranormal group or something along those lines or maybe both.


Now that its  9 and half yrs later im still that same solitary wiccan that i was when i first started but I’ve been now thinking that i should become a high pristess and a coven mistress and a paranormal investigator. There are times when i think I shouldnt become a high pristess at all  but other times the idea is so strong that maybe i should do it.


Right now im at an in between stage in my life where i dont think would be a very good idea to start it fully. But I really dont know really 🙂


Brightest blessings,






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  1. Wow , let me just say that all my life I felt that there was always something more or diffrent then what I am doing. Like I have always been a spiritual person ,not methodist or Catholic …I have always felt that there is more out there for me to explore . The Paranormal has always fascinated me beyound the normal. Wicca I tried about 15 years ago when I was about 19. But I was alone and I did get to go to a couple covens/circles. The Covens that had these open circles were wonderful. But I strayed away. But it still fascinates me to the fullest!!!!


    1. yeah. 😀 I have always been somewhat on my own when it comes to wicca but i have the experince with like a small coven and some what of the workngs of a bigger coven (tho i wasnt a part of that coven just went to a beltaine cricle they were haveing and had tons of fun when i went with a few wiccan friends of mine)

      but its an amazing feeling tho 🙂


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