I breathe in color.

Hey My super cool bloggers from all over the world,


Whats up this Tuesday night? Well my boyfriend and i have truned in the paperwork today for a two bedroom apartment hopefully we can get it. then we walked around wal-mart for a little bit and found a hair color i havent done its called aqua rush by splat. I havent done that shade of blue yet lol.


Its my third shade of blue i have done no its my fourht shade of blue that im doing not not my third lol sorry about that . I have done two different shades of red, I have done pink (didnt turn out all that well) i have done two shades of purple and orange ( i really liked the orange) and then I have done blue,red and purple and that was the last time i did my hair.


And now poof  im doing yet another shade of blue lol. I havent done green yet. So hopefully i will get the chance too i will. And maybe i will have more colors at my disposel and i can either do a rainbow or a coontail or cheetah print  or something of the wall like that.



I guess alot of people dont think im 25 with i color my hair different colors but hey guess what i am lol. But I really dont mind if they dont think i am 25.When i do an off the wall color like im doing now  i always get looked at weird which i dont get really and its kind of rude when people just stare its like they have now manners.


I guess there are gonna be those types no matter where i go in this world  and of cousre there will be those others who like it alot.I have had alot people in the past say they liked my hair and how colorful it was It made me feel good that someone liked it other then myself lol.



I know i promised you guys a blog about wicca influencing me and my life i will get to doing that blog i promise but it may not be until sometime this week or this weekend  some time hopefully something doesn’t prevent me from doing it and then i will make some more blogs like that  about books and music since they also factor into my life as well :-). SO dont worry if you dont see it yet  you didnt miss anything yet 🙂 So im going to go finish my hair see you all next time 😀


Brightest blessings





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