Hello my wickedly awesome bloggers and readers,


Ok give you a bit of a run down of what im listening to this excate second Its a song called “automaitc” by tokio hotel why am i listening to it just Because i can lol im kidding why im listening to it right now I found the band about a year or two ago Forgot about them totally thing  there is this new station here in dayton called the cool tv its like mtv but more music videos and less bullshit  like mtv the video  for “automatic” came on and i was all like ohhh cool  the front man is rather cute. lol

Yeah im a bit out there when it comes to the front men of different bands and i am a touch picky about they way they look in a sense  i guess.  Cause you know how most chicks that are way way way younger geeking out of justin bebier and others that are my age or a bit older are geeking out over jarde leto or whoever the new person they are geeking out over now is ( i know thats not all women and young adult females and teenagers). Mine tend to stay the same over the years.  Now im not a fan of the beibs or leto their style of music just really doesnt do it for me.


Im your avagre goth ‘n’roller. the front man of the 69 eyes and the rasmus ( used to be H.I.M,the 69 eyes and the rasmus now its just the last two  since  to me  the band H.I.M has gone lame  for me and their music hasn’t progressed like the 69 eyes and the rasmus muisc has in recent yrs. It kind of breaks my heart that H.I.M has lost alot of what they used to be  back when i started listening to them ).

I wasnt always that pretty goth face in the crowd at gothic or rock concert. Believe it or not i used to listen to boybands like new kids on the block ,the backstreet boys , and o-town (never got into the whole n’sync fade for some odd reason i already knew they were fadeing out as fast as they started up guess what they are no more) and i also listened to alot of girlbands like spice girls and others.

Then i moved on to like crazytown and papa roach  music is my one drug of choice  my main one that helps me escape from the harsh realities of the world its better then real drugs and far more satisfying then real drugs too (well to me that is i m not really hurting myself by going out and doing real drugs).So i guess i have a bit of an ear for music  even tho i can’t sing or play an instrument to save my life.


I guess im weird i tend  to watch the music industry a bit more then your agvgre person does  and i dont know really all that much about the music industry at all that much i dont know all the hard work that goes into it and all but i dont know i guess i tend like i said follow it a bit closely then most my age.



Brightest blessings,