Paranormal where it started part 2

Hello again my awesome sauce wordpress bloggers and readers,


like I promised i am back with part two of my haunted life  i will finish telling you about my friends house and the strange things that happened there.


I would like to tell  you that all this has happened to me personally  and im going to leave my friends and their family names out  to protect their privacy know they wouldn’t want to be gawked at like freaks in a freak show.


i know i wouldn’t if i were them but with them i cant really hide who i am as a person  this is who i am and what i believe as a person growing up with it and having the ability to see this and not having the ability to denied these claims as for they are mine to claim and tell the world.  Now This is my story I dont really care if someone doesnt believe a word i have typed here. But thats me though.


I know for most people in the world there are no such things as ghosts or spirits or anything like that but for people who are like me and have been able to see them.


Now what happened at my friends old place happened in about four different places. frist was in her master bedroom when my now boyfirned closed the door my friend’s daughter started to choke very badly my boyfriend opened the door and  the daughter  said she saw a little kid in front of the closet door well off to the side of the cloest door which was almost in front of the bedroom door. She was fine after the door was open. now both me and my friend sensed the little kid  after that happened and that was the only way the kid could get noticed was by attacking my friends 14 and half yr old daughter i think i got madder then my friend when the ghost went after her daughter. i know that the ghost was only a child but still.


another occurrence  happened in my friends son bedroom me and my boyfriend where in there just talking  privately and both he and i smelled  the smell of burning flesh and i saw a badly burnt  male whom he and i started to call leo. I saw how badly brunt leo was all you could really see is the whites of his eyes and how blue the iris was  thats what i saw in my mind’s eye  that one scared me to the point where i was hiding my face and not looking directly at leo himself.  You never really forget that smell of rotting and  burning flesh its not a very pleasant smell and it always sticks with you afterwards. I can tell you that stayed with me even to this day i can never forget the smell and those eyes


the third place something happened was the staircase that went downstairs Now i didnt see anything myself but my boyfriend did. He said that he saw a black figure behind me and it was about to push me down the stairs and something told to stop and turn around so i did i an saw him just standing there and i asked him what was wrong and he told what had almost just happened.


the last place was in the bassement now there was nothing done there at all what so ever but when my and my boyfriend went down there the little side room where a heating thingie would have gone i felt an intense heat coming from that corner room and i felt like i was drowning in heat  and you could tell the walls looked like it had black on it like the walls where brunt in a fire and the walls where made of stone.


Now mind you my friend never liked going down there at all because there is a very negative entity that lives down there so thats why she never went down there at all and i dont blame her at all what so ever.

Now thats all of it so far I haven’t had anything up to these point  so its a bit calming to know that nothing has happened as of yet but I know that can change as fast as the wind blows.

Right now im just keeping my eyes,ears and mind open to see what happens next in these paranormal chapter of my life.

I know that i will never be fully scared at what may happen next just a bit uneasy and a tad unnerved with a touch of being scared but never screaming and running away from it. I’ll never run from it because i am strong enough to face it and strong enough not to run.



Brightest blessings to you





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