The Paranoraml life and where it started

Hello all my wickedly cool and awesome wordpressers,

So im in a little but of a seether “rise above this” and shinedown “if you only knew” mood so im listening to both as i write this. Dont ask me why really its just one of those days today.

Despite yesterday’s little hater segment on youtube and of course repeating it back to you all  yesterdy as well ughness. I was going between watching Ghost adventures ( i have talked about the paranormal in a older post but im comeing back to again for this post  but I’m adding a bit more to it) and pretty much bitching out these hatersand all that other stuff  😛 not to happy about how disrespectful people can be i just guess thats the world we live in now people hideing behinde their youtube sn’s and hating on another person fame but whatever thats not the point of this blog anyway.


Ok lets talk for real now.  Right now I want to tell you all a little but more about myself  and about two of the four huge points in my life where  these things make up who i am as a person  you all already know a bit of background about the paranormal  and how its been apart of my life for 14 years now correct? ok good  i just want to go more in depth with it and explain a bit more about why its one of the main focuses in my life to this point.

In my post ” i see that you are dead but are you dead like me ” I talked more about believers and non believers. But here i want to tell you as to why I am among the believers of the paranormal. Now  by know you all  already know that i have been seeing ghosts/spirits since the age of 12 to now the tender age of 25 (which i am the age now but since this is already February in about four and a half months I will be 26 im still young).


My first experience was when i was 12 yrs old now i can’t really tell you how i became open to seeing them (and yes i use the word them when talking about ghosts/spirits. they are people too and they have feelings  like we the living do so i think the dead devsre a bit of respect) but i became open to them.

The first was of an older woman with fadeing flameing red hair she was a bit of a hunch back and a crone(will explain crone when i post my wiccan blog so dont worry if you dont get it now and if you already get great thats awesome) and I remeber what she said to me she looked at me  and said “he is coming, he is coming, dont be scared, he is coming”  ( the weird part i wasnt even scared of her she just caught me off guard) and later that yr  walking into my bedroom i saw a figure outside my bedroom window and it held up a hook for a hand and the hook turned into a real hand  and then it waved at me  that one freaked me out a bit more then the crone did  but surpisely it didn’t scare me enough to were i closed myself off to it.

that was only when i was 12 but  for about four yrs i didnt see much just little things here and there that didnt really make much of an impact or scare me i  acknowledged that they were there and they  vanished  with those i think they just wanted to be seen and that was good enough for them. In my 11th grade yr of high school the day of my meeting of a person who would becoming one of my best friends in high school.

After Coming home from high school  and chilling out  doing homework I saw someone in front of me and i got the sense that this person was royal a king from the time of Camelot (though many people might think Camelot isnt real but i do) This king said to me ” You know who i am. I am king arthur. You were told of my coming. my friend here is to protect you from now on” and of cosure i saw someone standing in the doorway  where the king pointed  it was a male he had a black cloth around his head and mouth all i could see was his eyes and the skin was brunt and badly churged as he might have been burned at the stake for something aweful (i know king arthur may or may not be real but to me he is very real and  his ghost didnt even have to tell me it was him i knew automatically that it was him and the guy he sent to me well the next day i told my new friend what happend the night before she just said oh thats my uncle link and he is going to protect you i was all like what your shitting me right and she said no so yeah an i told her about his skin being burnt  and she said that he did die by burning at the stake for what i dont know).

over the yrs a few more hauntings have  a cured with me  another friend of mine lived in a haunted house . the things that had happened there  (by the way that house is here in Dayton but my friend no longer lives there but it wasn’t due to the hauntings that happened there) i wont go into length about the house and its ghosts that haunt it  for i am getting a bit of headache thinking about this house  it had a profound effect on me and though it happened during the time i was in college and still haven’t fully healed  from all the negativity that happened there with me but one day i will go into length about the house and its resdist hauntings (a family is now living in the house and i hope for all the best that one ghost that’s there doesn’t attack them and causes them great harm i will make a part two of this blog soon and i will post my wiccan part of this blog tomorrow my headache is getting worse and i cant find the aspirins)




brightest blessings





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