Chilling Fridays

Hello my awesome bloggers and readers,

Just chilling made myself lunch and watching ghost adventures on YouTube it’s the only real way to watch gac so yeah it may be old episodes but it’s better then nothing really.

I really like the show a lot a few people may not like the show because they think it’s way to scary and there are others that think it’s faked. I don’t see how they can say its faked I also heard the same thing about ghost hunters and paranormal state it’s like how do they say it’s faked ? Do they go ” oh that’s so fake that’s not real that’s bullshit” or ” like thats so fake it’s not real there is no such things as ghosts”

But when it happens to them up to the point where it’s so bad they are running from their house screaming and sometimes they still go ” that wasn’t real” sorry I’m ranting here but I guess with me I grew up seeing ghosts/spirits and I wish like hell I could prove the existence of ghosts/ spirits to these people who don’t believe / can’t see these things it’s like I wish I could be sitting by the person when the haunting starts or after it gets real bad and be like ” I fucking told you so dumbasse!” lol but that’s me though.

I also know I can’t be that mean or disrespectful like that but I’m saying it in my head lol I know there are theose people who are like me who can see ghosts and spirits I guess with us the non believers when a haunting happens to us and the few who do beivle and the non believers see that it is real they are like” how can you stand this? It’s driveing me crazy” if I had someone say something like that to me along those lines I would be very calm and calmly say ” well unlike you who just had an encounter I have had encounters all my life so it doesn’t brother me as it does you ”

I know it’s not the non believers flaunt that they can’t see theses things it’s just that they are so so rooted in the mundane to fully be aware of things like fairies,dragons, unicorns , or even ghosts to know whats right in front of them

I guess my third eye is way to open for my own good but in some situations in my life it will be a good thing that I am that open to ghosts and spirits and other things of that sort I don’t know I guess I am who I am and I believe what I believe in for a reason like others believe in what they believe in for a reason

And I guess there are always doing to be the believers and the non believers no matter how much or how little evidence there is supporting something like all the paranormal shows on tv now a days

Brightest blessings to you

Brightest blessings



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