“brick by boreing brick”

hello there my awesome wordpress bloggers,

You know whats weird? i dont mean to complain about this but It seems like to me that i am  being acessed of being a hater  for calling someone out on their youtube video hmm well isn’t calling the cauldron black.


I did it calmly on this youtuber’s video  (the youtuber was hateing on shane dawson just because shabe use buzz words in the titles of his videos to get viewers i have done this myself  a number of times so?) I asked this youtuber what their real problem was with shane and they avoid the qestion and asked me what i was to them.


All i am to them is a person that was calling them out on their bullshit. I even use buzz words for my blog here i did with this on im writeing now  it seems like i am proving my point that these people who seemly are hateing on me for calling someone out on their bullshit.


its like what i want to say to them is  “get your head up out of your ass and smell the fresh air thats not in your cornhole and you also have a bit of bullshit on the cornner of your month maybe you should stop eating it for breakfeast, lunch and dinner and move on with your life and grow up and be an adult  like you are for real” or this  “you’re not in high school no more this drama bullshit isnt gonna fly in the really real world. This is about to get really real for your ass if you keep that up. Btw if you did that at work  and someone like your boss called you out on it and  smart mouthed off to them like you did me your ass is fired on the spot”


yeah if only i could really tell people that without sounded like a high schooler myself  I so would do it  and i would get so much satisfitcon from it.


I may sound like one mean ass bitch here but in real life im not that much  of a bitch though my mom and boyfirend may say otherwise  but normally when im around others who i dont know all that well and dont me  all that well i tend to be very quiet and soft spoken  but around people i know real well and know me  im a real loud mouth and i never shut up lol


So im gonna be good for tonight  and stay off of youtube for a couple of hours before i make a video called  ” video bullet in the head of haters” tho in my mind its a very awesome video and i  have a water gun and a nerf gun in both hands  and going after these people like the haters they are  muha ha ha ha *coughs a little* now where was i oh yeah being good for at least a few hours till i go to bed 😀




brightest blessings to you,




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