” I see that you are dead but are you “DEAD” like me?”

hello my wickedly cool bloggers and readers,

Dont mind the title i dont  *lol* Well such as life really here in ohio. But  To be really honest with you guys I have been seeing alot of odd things lately around the apartment but to be really,really honest with you guys I can see dead people I know that sounds a bit chessey and that line has been over used so many times but it seems fitting right now.

I have been able to see  Ghosts/spirits since a young age  (12) and im 25 now im about four months from my birth month (june 15th)…. man i feel old cause when i sit here and think about how long since i started my own paranormal journey  its been 14 years  its like  well at least to me its like ” O MY GOD! really 14 yrs. Seems like only yesterday” I feel and think when it still feels like i just only started getting into the paranormal is because the tech for it keeps changing and updating  and becoming so much cooler and more capable for getting evidence of these entities its making it far more easier for people to believe that these things are real.

Though there are people out there that are like me  who have always know that they were real fro m early on and with all these shows showing that there are ghosts/spirits and other shows like “psychic kids”  thats on A&E  along with “paranormal state” and “paranormal state:the new class” ( which I think “paranormal state: the new class” didnt last that long because alot of people got used to ryan buell doing it and his team prs (paranormal research society)  for so long. I tried to watch the new class version of “paranormal state” and i hated it  the people that they got for it didnt even go to penn state they werent even students  what so ever . Its like um hello people thats where it all started  Duh! yeah I have watched the show to much  and have paid a great deal of attention to the intro of the show ) and of cousre Ghost hunters and ghi ( ghost hunters international. I got yelled at by Kris williams  since she is now on the ghi team that the ghi team wasnt  like the  T.A.P.S team  (nor is a sister group of T.A.P.S)here in the  states its like ok  whatever  its a sister group of T.A.P.S from what i understand  and thats comeing straight from Jason and grant from the T.A.P.S team state side  cause  Rob ( from a sister group of T.A.P.S ) and Dustin from  Jason and grants group where the two main front runners of the ghi T.A.P.S team so I dont get why she got all pissy for  when i asked a very smiple question about the ghi team but yeah whatever ).

Ok moving on now since this blog is gonna be semi long i may as well stop before i get into deep but alas that is me and Once i get on a topic i just keep going and going and going and going but anyways  such as life


Brightest blessings to you




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