hello my wickedly awesome bloggers and readers,


Could you ever really know/feel for someone just by watching their videos on youtube?  I dont know if i can really answer this fully without explaining myself and what possessed  me to pose such a question at the start of this. I have metioned in a blog or so back about one youtuber (well i metioned two but the last one onision is partly the one im refreeing too but mainly his ex shiloh (well not so much of an ex now) but anyways)Well from watching  both  onision(greg) and draculohrants (shiloh) videos on youtube and subed to both and  I can say as many of their viewers can  also say i have seen the ups,downs and trun arounds in their relationship may it be that they are just friends or boyfriend and girlfriend.

Recnetly  i was watching alot of draculohrants videos (no im not a stalker I promise) i felt  a kinship with her  like she is like a kinded soul even tho she and i dont know each other and have never really meet in real life at all what so ever. I have watched all her videos and the ones she has done with onision and somehow i feel like im close to them almost kind of like family but not really if you get what i mean by that. I really dont know what im trying to say really but certain things will remind me of draculohrants and i dont know why and  for some odd and off the wall reason i miss her like you would miss a dear friend.


I dont know i feel a little pang of missing with draculohrants now that she is has moved to canada months ago  (she may be moving back in with onision soon but i dont know like how soon though and yes i did say months ago this didnt really hit me fully until today). I guess watching onision go through the pain of loseing draclohrants and dumping her and still being friends with her and all that i dont know puts me there with onision i really dont know what’s up with me right now and tho i am a biwi i dont see draculohrants that way i think she is very pretty yes  but other then that its more like a friend type of thing.idk.

Im sitting here bearing my soul to you guys  and talking about missing someone i have never even meet maybe i am a weirdo of sorts



I really do not know


brightest blessings to you

brightest blessings,