Hello my awesomely and wickedly sexy bloggers of wordpress 🙂


What’s up in the wide world of fruit loops and cheerios ? im about 85-89% over my mionr cold just a little cough and a little bit of a stuffed nose plus a little froggy in my thorat but all is good here in ohio.

the sun is shineing  showing his big ugly yellow face for once in a long time it seems like its like finnally you big yellow retard its about fing time we see your ass! well thats what im thinking at least I dont know about y’all  but thats me.

As you can tell i am feeling better today then i have in a well about week or so. Which is a good thing Im ready to roll and kick ass and take names Lol. well at im ready to rock ‘n’ roll.

or should i say goth ‘n’ roll after one of my fave bands the 69 eyes  still havent seen them live yet but i want to tho i bet they are awesome live!

Well I have some good news for y’all me and my boyfriend have found an apartment that both he and i like alot, we still got the paper work and hoops to jump through and all the good stuff to do.

Hopefully we can move into the place when we want too about april or may im keeping my fingers crossed that all will go well for us and we can get in there. So yeah.

Well what else to say? hmmm Oh yeah i said i was gonna explain spotify if y’all dont know what it is already.

but it is like pandora or slacker radio but without the radio part of it. You make a playlist of your fave arists and songs and ta da  music at your finger tips lol 🙂 yeah im a bit of a dork and well i love music 🙂

brightest blessing to you

brightest blessings,