hello you awesome sexy people,

Finally ! I’m starting to feel better I now can breathe through my nose. My sniffles had turned into a minor cold this will be the fifth day that i have had this and its been reduced to coughing and a slightly stuffed nose.

well since today is monday starting of a new work week and apartment hunting week for me and my boyfriend. Im glad he passed his state broads for massage, I really hope that he gets the clients he needs so we can have the life we would like to have.

What i really need to do is sit him and down and start planing something imporant to the both of us  cause there is alot of things that he and i really need to be talking  about besides  the apartment stuff i guess one step at a time i guess.

Because i guess with the wedding stuff i really don’t want to be waiting till the last minute to plan everything and become a bridezilla and flying off the handle and screaming at people like the chicks on the show lol. I dont know.  I had an old friend of mine today asking me alot of questions about the wedding that i didnt have any ideas for or anything else thats needed and stuff like that  i was thinking “oh hell! we don’t even have a ring yet let alone picked out…Holy hell…”  lol.

I may be laughing about it now but I know its no laughing matter. I guess I will have to talk to my man in person about it  tomorrow since he is coming over and all so we can go apartment hunting i guess we will touch bass on it a little bit  and them off to do apartment hunting stuff.

Maybe im freaking out a little to early for the wedding stuff. Cause last year when we set the wedding date it was really way to early but now since it is a  bit closer to our 09/13/13 wedding date maybe its time to start planing a little bit between apartment hunting and ring shopping. hopefully things will work out for the best fingers crossed.


brightest blessings to you

brightest blessings,