Hello my wickedly awesome bloggers and followers,

my cold is still a  very minor cold but it upgraded its self to where im  having a little bit of a cough and sinus drainage. Just glad i caught my cold in time where it doesn’t turn into something a bit more then what it already is which is a very good thing. I am feeling a bit more better today i just hope I’m fully over this by Monday. Right now I’m mainly chilling and listening to spotify <—-(will explain spotify later)

i really dont why I  want to post this but i am  lol. These people who really do make me laugh and put a smile on my face when ever i see their posts online.


1) Chirstian Day (facebook)

Why? cause the guy is just fliping cool like that. I saw him on an  episode of ghost adventures and just thought well he is cool and i liked him alot  i found him on facebook and poof we are facebook friends i really like seeing his facebook updates for many reasons and sometimes they make me laugh

2) zak bagans (ghost adventures, twitter,facebook)

he maybe hott and two who really cares the  guy knows how to hunt those ghosties and crack a joke when need be to lighten up the mood  may it be before/during/after a lockdown. Such good times watching him bashing those mean ghosts


3) shane dawson (youtube)

well if you have seen any of his videos on youtube you’ll know why i picked him. He always makes me laugh .

4) onision (youtube)

some of his videos are funny and some of his other videos arent  my two reasons why I pick onision is because  1) i respect  him to no end and he is very nice and 2) he is very random and i like random


i dont know why i picked these four people  but each mean something to me

Chirstian Day: because I respect him as a wiccan and writter.  And his posts always get me to thinking about things i never have before .

zak bagans: Because he gets up everyday and is hunting down the unknown in the paranormal field. I respect him for what he does everyday/night on lockdowns. The paranormal is something that i want to do myself


shane dawson: he is such a sweetheart :-). he goes above and beyond for his fans:-)

onision: also a sweetheart

brightest blessings to you