well hells bells  i hop like hell Im not coming down with something or it could just be the crappy weather here in ohio the way it keeps going back and forth like it has been the past week or so its drivng me up the wall. Tho i have been blowing my nose alot today i really do hope im not coming down with something.


right now since im still awake and listening to the i heart radio app on the good old ipod  on a station that i created of the rasmus. a very old H.I.M song is playing one i havent heard in years i love H.I.M olde stuff before their screamworks cd. I really dislike that cd.

I’ve tried to sit down and listen to that cd and i cant even get passed the first few mins of the first track they have gone from being very dark and melodic to being very like well for lack of a better word for it popy and unmelodic like they used to be with like  in deep shadows and brillent highligts or in  razorblade romance  i guess im just weird that way .

when i started listening to H.I.M was in 2005 when their cd darlight came out. Oh i remeber when i first heard rip out the wings of a butterfly i fell in love with the front mans (ville valo) voice.

the lyrics, gas and the roll of the drums he played, the deep earthy tones of mige’s gibson thunder brid bass ( i got so pissed when i heard he was using a fender bass. i have nothing agasint fender but i like the sound of the gibson thurnder bass that mige had always used  for the longest time when i listened to them  such a lovley sound) and linde’s gibson lass paul mmm wowness and burton his keyborads, and ville on vocals I melted/died and then came back to life that day. Woah I sound like im talking about a lover. Im creepy …… lol. But that was what their music was to me little bit lover and little bit friend.

I always found an escape in music since i was alot younger before i ever found H.I.M. But as i grew my musical listening grew with me.I went from my normal tunes I would listen to Like the backstreet boys,spice girls, and oter bands like them to the rocker stuff like crazytown, papa roach, korn,evanescene  to H.I.M, the 69 eyes,nightwish and the rasmus.


I dont know but thats my take i guess on what i listen too


brightest blessing to you