Hello My wickedly cool bloggers and readers,


So sitting here thinking at how the world has serouisly fucked it self over in the years since my brith and wondering why so many people can be so hateful,bitter,spiteful and intolerant of so many races,religions and  peoples choice of sexual preference. I dont see how people can be so mean  and so intolerant of others.

I was raised not to be that way. I think i have mentioned this in a previous post about how i can see the world through childlike eyes  but im not for sure if i did or not but i will say it here (again if i have said before). In my life as i have grown through my childhood to my teens and now in adulthood i see the world through the childlike eyes  there are  times where i can be an adult and be mature  but still keeping  that sense of wonder of the world. Ive always been able to do that   to go between the adultness of my age and that sense of wonder and blending the two together  even  though I dont do it all the time  but i can do it and still do.

To me anything is possible not impossible i dont see the world in black and white like a few people do. I see the world in all its wondrous and wonderful colors and though there are those hateful,bitter,spiteful and intolerant people in the world in which i live in. such as life i guess



brightest blessings  to you