Hellomy wickedly awesome bloggers and readers,


My last blog post wasn’t my best up to date. To much caffeine makes me a little bit loopy to put it mildly. No wonder why i have very friends…*awkward laugh*. But such as life right? im suffering from a slight headache I had one to many pops then i said i would have today and now i have a minor headache that is self induced like normal if i have more then two pops a day.

Ive been making up for that third pop i had at dinner with my boyfriend a few hours ago and im also suffering from it. Or i could just be suffering a minor sinus headache and blaming the third pop.Yep its a sinus headache I really hate those.

So this is going ot be my blog for today unless after going to bed and wakeing up in the  am well it is the am and it is Wednesday already. Well after this blog im going to bed well thats a tmi right there. lol.


well latter on today My boyfriend and i are going apartment hunting. Surprising huh that he and i aren’t living together yet. it maybe to very few people. Well I dont know what other people like  and Im not going to assume that i do know. I cant read minds wish i could though it would be kind of cool ti have that kind of power. But it may also not be so good though either .


Before my darling boyfriend gets to the place me and my mom are living at Im going to be doing some studying of my own I need to refresh my brain a bit on my cosmetology stuff since i did go to school for it. Sadly to say I haven’t passed the practical part of it yet which is the cutting and other services i need to know part of the test. I’m still pushing on  for right now.

I’m just  hoping my darling passed his state boards so yeah he may know with the nxt few days or so he is becoming very anxious about it and i don’t really blame him at all for it so i just really hope he did pass it

well I really do need to get on to bed before I pass out on the keyboard. have a great  night sleep and day  guys and gals


Brightest blessings to you