no hunny I was born that way in the key of awesome :-D

Hello my wickedly awesome bloggers and followers

you are all flowers in the sea of awesomeness…. Why am i talking like im super cool and gay? ( no offend to all the wonderful lgbt people out there im just in a funkalios mood right now Or maybe im embracing my inner gay man I dont know just lay off me till the end then bitch slap me if you want too i may need it before its all over)


Ok Well Im bored thats 1.  2.) im a crazy nut job lady who adores the lgbt commuity to bits 3.) being watching alot of Pandora box and chris croker  on youtube so i think its rubing off on me ( lord and lady save us all  Im Sorry if it brothers you please dont hate me for it )


Im just one of those random people  who get in hyper random moods and just start talking like im a gay man traped in a woman’s body (no im legit i get that hyper when im talking all weird and I really need to be yelled at to stop otherwise i piss people off) like right noe this blog will have no point but may piss off the wrong people and Im going to get removed from the site 😦 …(really i mean no harm. Im harmless i swear…. Im a monkey!)

oh crap. lol sorry again I know what my problem is right now  i had nothing but pop today and I have had only one water (errr maybe thats why im talking like im a drag king;-/well a drag queen). Personally i think its awesome  (says awesome in a sing song voice) that there are some men who are of the homosexual persona dress up and become super hot and sexy (not that they already werent super hot and sexy to begin with 😉 love ya girls. please dont flag me I mean well i do really im like the last person to be hatin’) but damn I wish i could look that pretty 😦

sorry im being hyper im normally not like all gooffy like this  and rambleing like i am ( i really hope i dont piss of the wrong people by posting this *looks around to see if its ok*) im bi like i have said before  so yeah  well im going to get me a bottle of water and settle my fluffy crazy girl ass down before i get a beat down from a very sexy person in drag  dont hurt me i love you 🙂


brightest blessings to you


thepinkwitch……more like the crazy bitch again Sorry 😦


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