Hello my wickedly cool readers and bloggers

My life as I’ve been living it is how I want to live it. If I want to lead my life by the sun and moon I will. There is  an insufferable amount of intolerance in this world and it digests me to no ends.

I feel that the world and its billions of people need to take a hard look at their selves in the mirror  and find out what is wrong with their selves and not other people. I see no real need for discord,hate,disrespect, fear, or anything  negative of that sort in this world today. Why cant there be  peace and love in the world?

Why live in fear? why live in hate? why live in the past? is it just easier to deal with the past and look forward to a bright and loving future ? Why  should the future and the unknown be feared? I do not fear for it I welcome it with open arms. I only wonder why cant others. Why fear change when it is happening all around us in the most wonderful and the most beautiful way. Change is coming whether or not it can be stopped or stomped out there is no time to live in fear and in the shadows of the past. Come out of the shadows and see what there is out there in the world it may just be the change you have been waitting for

brightest blessings to you