hello my wickedly cool readers and bloggers,


Ok wow where to start here

well Im not so new to word press so but i am new to this auction site called lista  so Im trying ot get more criedts (they give you  them to start with )

and if i can get more people on there you can get some pretty awesome sauce stuff  they have a few wiccan things and other things as well so  im like what the hell Ill promte it and see if anything happens This may be theonly time you will see a blog that is geared to that  from this is a one time promteing blog for listia  so  yeah


so  besides that My man and i went ring window shopingand only found two places show  far that we liked   I think I have put in another blog when we set up our wedding date 09/13/2013 (friday the 13th) yeah i know but its different 🙂 well Im a bit tried so im going to go for now i hope you all are havinga gd new year so far Im going to try and do a blog at least everyday or every other day Or maybe at least twice or three times a week  but im not for sure yet but Im gonna try at least to blog about everyday or every other day for now




<a href=”http://www.listia.com/?r=1003456″><img src=”http://www.listia.com/images/banners/120x240b1.gif&#8221; alt=”Auctions for free stuff at Listia.com”></a>